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Building a Website (Sort of), Part II: Domain Name

One of the best WordPress features that makes building a website so simple is how easy it is to purchase your own domain name!

Right from the dashboard, in the left-hand column, locate the section labeled, Store, and click on the Store link.

From there, you are taken to the main store page. The section you are going to choose happens to be the very first one listed: Add a Domain.

When you click on the actual Add a Domain link, you will see the image (below) as a popup. From here, all you have to do is type in the domain you want for your WordPress site (e.g.,,, etc.) and click the Add domain to blog button.

If you’ve ever purchased an item online, then you already know how the checkout process works: Name, Address, Billing Info, etc. If you’ve never purchased anything online, WordPress makes the process easier than words can describe! And at $25 per year, you are able to manage your blog, securely, without having to do any of the major “techy” stuff! The only technical knowledge required on your end is deciding which pictures, videos or topic do you want to post on your site!

To be continued…


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