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Building a Website (Sort of), Part I: Intro

“…be strong and do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded!”

–2 Chronicles 15:7 NKJV

This post will be the first in ongoing series about the trials, tribulations, accomplishments, and feats that go along with setting up a website. Thankfully, WordPress will be handling the hard part (hence the “Sort of” reference in the title of this post). That is unless the clientele decide to set up their own server which is for an entirely different post altogether!

Normally I wouldn’t be so apt to getting personal on this blog but for the situation I am currently in, I feel there’s no better time than now! Recently, a dear friend of mine from college (he’s actually one of my fraternity brothers) approached and asked me to setup a website for his dad’s company. Of course I told him that I would gladly help…and it is here where things get interesting. My friend and his dad have given me full control in the complete design, layout and presentation of the website!

This is both an amazing and nerve-racking opportunity because I have never built, designed and managed a domain for someone else! While I’m not exactly sure what to expect, it is very humbling to know that my friend and his dad trust in my ability as much as they do!

Being that I subscribe to an ever expanding list of blogs that discuss the current trends in web design and UX (i.e., “user experience”), my Google Reader is going to become my best friend (again)! The only question I’m left to answer now is, “How do I design a modern website for a company that provides geological and environmental services?”

To be continued…


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