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Quick Fix #1: Ejecting a CD/DVD that Won’t Eject From Your Intel-Based Mac

In the event that you ever find yourself in a situation where there is a CD/DVD inside your Mac and you can’t eject it–i.e. the eject button on the keyboard isn’t working, the disc image isn’t on your desktop, or the disc isn’t recognized by your system–don’t panic! There is a quick and (beyond) simple solution to this dilemma…and it involves nothing more than your index finger and your mouse!

1. Save the items you are currently working on (e.g. documents, pics, music, videos, etc.).
2. Close all of the apps that are currently running on your desktop.
3. Click on the apple in the top-left corner and select Restart
4. Follow the restart procedure like normal.
IMPORTANT: Whenever you restart, there is always the split-second when the computer shuts off then turns back on.
5. During the off/on split-second or as soon as the computer begins to boot (before you even see the screen light up), click and hold your mouse down; DO NOT LET GO!!!
6. While continuing to click-hold the mouse down, the computer may take a minute or two longer to boot up. Do not worry, your Mac is responding to your startup command (e.g. click-holding your mouse.
7. If all goes accordingly, you should then hear and see your Mac eject the disc in question!

This is just one of a couple ways you can eject a disc that doesn’t want to cooperate. For a complete list of Intel-based Mac startup commands and a tons more, visit Apple’s online support page.


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